Sit back and enjoy a show, be a part of the fun on-stage or get hands-on in a workshop.

Happy Faces Entertainment will gladly customize for your event.


Crews will be created, teamwork will be tested, skills will be shown and excitement will ensue!  Work together to race against your fellow players as you figure out the puzzles, use your creativity and show off your Mad Skillz.


Happy FUNction

Get your group up and moving with our Happy FUNctions!  We'll get the party started and keep it moving with our DJ, Emcee, and Smile Makers.  Let us bring music, dancing, games, and prizes to your next event for a high energy, rockin' good time!  Our events are designed for the whole family to have fun together with games and laughter and we can customize the event to fit your theme or holiday.  A Happy FUNction is a great way to guarantee that everyone has a great time at your next event! 

Click here to experience the energy

"Thanks for being with us for the past 3 years and providing the best family entertainment!!"  American Diabetes Association - Kansas City


"Thanks for a great evening at Theater in the Park last night.  We especially enjoyed the group that did your preshow entertainment.  The young man (and his crew) were very engaging for all ages and we really enjoyed him.  I would recommend you use him again!!" - Kristina Q., audience member

Game Show Party

Join host Denny Ray Burn for fun, games & prizes.  Game shows were at the start of television and have never gone away.  Join the "live studio audience" for all the excitement of knowledge, skill and chance.  Make a match, hit the buzzer, have a lucky guess or choose the right deal to go home with great memories and prizes.  Click here to see GSP in action

“It was another great event. I talked to a few store managers, and they thought it was hilarious and so much fun!"  East Hills Mall, St. Joseph, MO 

Under the Big Top

Ringmaster Dennis takes your audience into the excitement of the circus.  Your trip to the circus comes complete with music, magic, juggling, and audience participation.  Meet our great performers like Hubert, Sassy and The Great Dingalings!  Click here to see us Under the Big Top

“Under the Big Top Circus was a wonderful program!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful entertainer!  We loved it and look forward to more.”  Mary Shackelford, N. Oak Mid-Continent Library

Waves of Danger Murder Mystery

A relaxing cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate its crew hits a port not on the itinerary, murder.  During this fun excursion you can play detective, accomplice, or murderer. You choose to be a part of the mystery or sit back and try to figure it out. Pack your thinking cap, keen eye and good memory to put together all the clues and solve the mystery of Waves of Danger.  Disclaimer: No patrons are actually injured during this program.

Additional shows available, see KC Mystery Players page.   Click here to see the fun for yourself

“Happy Faces Entertainment was great at bringing our group together and made a regular dinner fun and exciting.”  Jim Wood,  Executive Director Brookdale Senior Living

Super Me to the Rescue

What is your super strength?  Your strength may be singing, athletics, cooking, reading, building, entertaining-the possibilities are endless (just like your imagination).  Join us for interactive improvisational theater fun that allows the audience to perform and create stories focusing on being yourself and using your unique talents to be the best you possible.   We will use the fun of magic and balloon art to help demonstrate our super strengths.

Click here to see some of these super stories in action.

"This was the best program we have ever had."  Marysville KS Public Library

Blueprint Theater

Become an architect to new and unique stories.  Words, words, words everywhere!  We will take all those words and create blueprints for the program.  Using the audience's imagination and improvisational theater skills, we will build words into actions.  Suggest a word, volunteer as a performer or sit back and enjoy brand new stories, built before your eyes.

"Thank you.  Your creativity, interactiveness and attention to details were very much appreciated.  We look forward to working together again soon!"-Chris & Stephanie

Jester Tells All

Cornelius and his talking jester stick Poppy let kids help tell the stories of adventure & laughter. Learn the life of this jester and some of the great characters he meets along the way. Everyone becomes a part of the stories and even helps create the final adventure. The stories of princesses, dragons and magic (oh my!) come alive.

"Just wanted to say "thank you" for coming and sharing your talents with our children on Friday night. I've had lots of feedback from parents and kids as to how fun it was for everyone. They all really enjoyed the show and the evening. Thank you for helping me make the evening a success."-Marjory Hartman, Children's Director, Grace Community Church

Empty Spaces-

Stories to the Stars and Back

Get ready to fill all the empty spaces to create new and exciting adventures.  Our story system includes storytelling, improvisation, imagination, creativity, theatre, comedy and magic; all orbiting around you.  We will explore unheard tales, brought to earth from the minds of each program's "story flight crew".  The countdown begins to launch your ideas into a new galaxy of originality.

Sock Hop Smiles

Let HFE bring you the music and activities of the great 1950’s. It’s no sweat to give you an unreal party that will make you want to put the rag top down, invite the paper shakers and leave you on cloud 9. Be sure to get on the horn and give a ring so we can make your next scene that will be made in the shade with Sock Hop Smiles.

“What a great time the teachers and kids had at your program!  Great interaction and fun content.  One of the best shows we’ve seen!"  Terry Clark, Jefferson Public Library 

Halloween Hoopla

The old house down the block is full of surprises when Deny stops by for some Halloween caroling. Books full of magic and stories lead the way through the adventure of fun and the unknown. Join us as we enjoy the Halloween season with all the excitement in a non-scary way.

"It was so fun to watch how much the children and adults both loved the program.  The parents had such wonderful things to say afterwards." Leslie, Smithville Mid-Continent Library

Hooray for the Holidays

The end of the year brings lots of celebrations and what better time to have some fun!  The interactive storytelling takes a holiday twist, the carols are sung with a fun flair and who knows how you might get involved with some holiday games.  The whole family will want to keep celebrating long after this show is over.

At Happy Faces Entertainment, we strive to make each of our events unique and special. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to plan your next event.


Smile Olympics

The Smile Olympics makes becoming an Olympian high energy fun.  Explore the flags of the world, the Olympic rings, and get ready to become a healthy athlete.  Set to music of the world, players will participate in games showing it's as easy as 12345 to be Fit-Tastic.  Take the Smile Olympics oath and be ready to experience a torch relay and build teamwork with fellow library athletes.  This interactive program will allow everyone to become an Olympian of smiles.


"We had a great time with Dennis Porter and Happy Faces Entertainment."  Akron Iowa Public Library

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