Off the stage and in the crowd, the entertainment comes to you.

Improv Fun Magic | Balloon Art | Clowning
Juggling | Face Painting | Stilt Walking 

Improv Fun

You never know what fun and silliness will happen with one of our strolling entertainers.  You might enjoy a torch relay, mime chimes, magic, juggling, stickers or just playing around with a hat or other props.  The fun is in the unknown joy that can come from the simple interactions of a professional street performer.  This is a great way to provide entertainment for every age at an event (with no lines forming).

"Excellent Dennis. You folks did a VERY nice job. It was fun to watch you folks and the responses from the attendees." Chuck Schlittler, Director, Downtown Shareholders, KCK Holiday Lighting


Enjoy being up-close to the mysteries of magic.  Our strolling magicians let you become a part of the tricks, right in front of you.  Keep a close eye so you don’t miss anything, but don’t worry, we won’t steal your watch in the process.

"Thanks so much for making our little guys birthday party amazing! Every single guest young and old had a great time and they were smiling from ear to ear. I will not hesitate to recommend anyone your services. Truly you guys are amazing, so thanks again so much for everything!!" Adriana, Happy Mom

Balloon Art

It is almost like magic, the fantastic creations that appear from a few simple balloons.  Kids of all ages enjoy having a personal piece of art made just for them.  It's true, we're not just a bunch of hot air. 


"You both were an awesome addition to the Fall Festival.  I enjoyed seeing the amazing balloons that you created for the kids.  You guys did a great job.  I heard so many positive reviews for you guys.  Looking forward to working again with you in the future.  Thank you so much!  I am sure that you will be hearing from us again, I will also give your information to anyone that needs a balloon artist."  Jodie Gerken, Chapel Hill Elementary

"Thank you for being a part of our Breakfast with Santa celebration.  I'm 100% positive that we would like to have you back again next year!"  Kendra Yoder, Huhtamaki, Inc


They are not just for the circus or a birthday party.  Add the fun and antics of good hearted clowning around.  HFE clowns might tell a joke, play a game or even share their pet with you.  Send in the clowns!

"Thank you, Dennis.  By the way, you are such a natural at what you do! You are a quintessential entertainer! So glad to have made your acquaintance."  Eileen, professional artist 


Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, you never know what you might see being thrown or spun around by HFE jugglers.  Give it a try yourself, with some plate spinning or group juggling.  We keep it easy for you, so you always have fun.

Face Painting

The artistry continues with the few strokes of a brush.  Simple cheek art, full-face masterpieces or arm paintings will add color to your day.

"The face painters you sent to the Health Festival were wonderful!  There was a long line all day for their services and everyone seemed to be very happy with what they got. Your team was excellent and we will definitely be using them again. Thank you and kudos to your staff for being prompt, clean, friendly and very, very talented!"-Kelsey Reid, St. Luke's Hospital

Stilt Walking

High above your heads, with the greatest of ease, tall smiles elevate the entertainment at your event.  Always a great photo opportunity.

At Happy Faces Entertainment, we strive to make each of our events unique and special. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to plan your next event.

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