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“So much fun! Loved being a participant in the show!”

Get ready for a night of riotous laughter with Ruby’s High School Reunion, a unique and entertaining gathering that is guaranteed to be more fun than any real class reunion you've ever attended. You’re invited back to Cleaver High, home of the unstoppable Cleaver Beavers, for an evening that has been described as "the best high school reunion ever!"


Among your former “classmates,” you’ll experience improvisational, interactive theater at its most hilarious. Ruby, Queen of the Reunion, will keep you laughing all evening with stories, games, and special surprises. Prepare to slap that tail with our Beaver mascot at the best dam reunion ever, and revel in a show that is definitely not a drag, but it is drag. Watch the video at left to get a taste of the fun!

Be part of the fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the show?

About 80 minutes, plus intermission. Of course, there’s lots of improv so who knows how long we’ll go.


What's the recommended age range to enjoy this show?

Everyone can enjoy the show, but it is best suited for teens and older.


Do I have to participate or can I just watch?

You can participate as much or as little as you want. In our experience, even shy people come out of their shell once we all start laughing together!

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself and your sense of fun :) And bring anyone and everyone along who wants to enjoy themselves.

Where can Ruby bring the reunion to?

Anywhere you have people wanting to share some smiles and laughs. Ruby's High School Reunion can take place in venues large and small.

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What audiences are saying

“AB-FAB! Loved it, through and through. A reunion to remember, for sure.”

“Very entertaining! Love your outfits & great interaction with the audience.”

“LOVED IT! Was nervous about audience interaction  but it was great.”

“This was so great! Ruby is such an exceptional act. I really enjoyed the presentation.”

“Love the variety!”

“Ruby rolls with it, good handling of the mishaps. Love how Ruby was never mean, always upbeat.”

“Wonderful! Loved it!!”

About the Creators


Ruby's High School Reunion, written by Dennis Porter, Jamie Lindeman & Patricia Peden, is an original performance by Dennis Porter. Porter is an improv comedy veteran, having spent 15 years at Comedy City in Kansas City and 16 years performing improv-style murder mystery shows. His company Happy Faces Entertainment and KC Mystery Players has been providing acclaimed improv shows, corporate team building, and children's entertainment for over 22 years.

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