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We specialize in interactive comedy shows, disguised as a murder mystery, for your corporate events, private parties and public shows. The freedom of improvisation makes each presentation unique to the group. We can also customize parts of the show to your audience.


Whether you are more comfortable with a feather boa around your neck or a pencil in your hand, everyone can enjoy the mystery. Together, you will laugh your way to finding the truth.

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Collage of Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players events

Some of our rave reviews


“I just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoyed the show this past weekend! Y’all were amazing! You really put a spark into our town’s birthday celebration. I wish you all the success in the world!”

– Shala Graeve, La Cygne, KS


"We haven’t laughed or been that silly in a long time. Thank you, it was “good medicine.” 

– Manning Iowa Public Library

"We enjoyed the show so much at our meeting last week! Everyone thought it was hilarious and truly had a blast."

– FedEx

"Thanks! It was great fun and the members loved it!"

– Missouri Assisted Living Association

“You were great at bringing our group together and made a regular dinner fun and exciting.”

– Brookdale Senior Living

We create the show with YOU

8-10 audience participants join our actors to create the show.

We provide everything you need, including the scripts, props and costume pieces. 

Last Stop La Cygne -or- A Shot in the Dark A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Murder

Waves of Danger Cleaver Class of 19-Deadly-2 | Mr. Humphries' Last Birthday

'Til Death Do Us Part It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder

Show Options

Solve a mysterious 1920s death with Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

Last Stop La Cygne –Or– A Shot in the Dark

Villainy meets variety when a murder interrupts a vaudeville show in La Cygne, KS in 1923. Based (loosely) on a true story, this show puts you in the middle of the roaring 1920's in a small town shaken by the murder of a prominent citizen. Come Charleston with our hosts Vivian Vetter and Skeet Molleston and play good cop/bad cop with our detectives Skip Tracer and Fred Drum as we get to the bottom of this unsolved real-life mystery.

Become a suspect during this hilarious murder mystery with Solve a mysterious death with Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Murder

When the cast and crew of a Broadway review discover murder most foul, suspicions and old grudges loom large in the footlights! Audience members play the suspects and share the stage with our professional team to guide them through the highs and lows of a hilarious Broadway-themed improv mystery performance. It's Tragedy AND Comedy Tonight.

It's murder on the high seas with Solve a mysterious death with Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

Waves of Danger

A relaxing cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate the dedication of its crew to the ship hits a port not on the itinerary...murder. Take a trip into secret meetings, dangerous minds, and unknown clues. Become a passenger on the S.S. Carnage to help find the killer or maybe be the killer yourself. During this fun excursion you can play detective, accomplice or murderer. You choose to be a part of the mystery or sit back and try to figure it out. Pack your thinking cap, keen eye and good memory to put together all the clues and solve the mystery in Waves of Danger.

Dangerous fun takes place during a class reunion with Solve a mysterious death with Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

Cleaver Class of 19-Deadly-2

Welcome back to the gymnatorium of Cleaver High, home of the Cleaver Beavers! It’s reunion time for all your high school favorites.  Find your school spirit again and reminisce about all the great times we had together... or were they? Have past rivalries come back to haunt us? Has long lost love been found?  Find out what the lunch lady knew all along.

You're one of the suspects in this fun murder mystery from Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

Mr. Humphries' Last Birthday 

Stacy Snyder, manager of Rabbits Run Condominiums, invites you to a surprise birthday party for one of the local residents, Mr. Ulysses S. Humphries. But are the guests really attending to bestow good wishes upon the irritable Mr. Humphries, or is something much more sinister afoot? Guests have the opportunity to interact with the unpleasant honoree but fall under scrutiny themselves when Mr. Humphries is killed and the unfortunate manager has to try and figure out who hated the man enough to do him in.

A wedding planner is murdered during this exciting mystery by Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

'Til Death Do Us Part 

It’s the rehearsal dinner for the Snow-Cheap Wedding. Devan Rudetera, wedding planner extraordinaire, is giving his final notes to the bridal party and participants. Is everyone in the wedding party willing to listen or are they just biding their time? Guests come under suspicion when the arrogant and demanding Mr. Rudetera is killed. The meek assistant has to figure out who didn’t want to throw rice at this party.

A thrilling holiday-themed mystery by Happy Faces Entertainment's KC Mystery Players

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder

Sandy Clouse, head elf and assistant to the one and only Santa Claus, is holding the weekly meeting for the North Pole workers and inhabitants. But is Sandy pushing people too far? See Christmas cheer turn to Christmas tears when someone has had enough and the head elf turns up dead. Guests soon fall under scrutiny when Santa Claus has to save the day by trying to figure out who hated the assistant enough to do her in.

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